In order to provide the best education for our students we have many fundraisers during the school year. Everyone needs to satisfy a $400 fundraising requirement. It can be raised in any combination of Footballmania, Scrip and Market Day. If you exceed $500 in profits, I.C.S. will refund 50% of the difference earned. Example: You raised $600. Subtract $500 to create a difference of $100. Multiply by 0.5. You’d receive a $50 check from the school.

Sell $20 tickets and receive a $10 credit to your account.

Purchase gift cards and receive varying percentages of the purchase price.

Market Day
Any family purchasing Market Day can have 5% of their total order go towards the fundraising requirement of $400. We ask that families only use this profit from their individual family food orders. Once a $500 profit is met, 2.5% of your Market Day order will be credited to your family tuition amount.


Other events and fundraisers:

Trivia Night


Harvest of Books
During Parent/Teacher conferences Mrs. Hudson, the school librarian, places books in the hall for parents to purchase for the school library.

Night at the Races

Fish Fry

Rummage Sale


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