FEES DUE JULY 10, 2018:

Book fee per student for Preschool and Kindergarten:$175
Book and technology fee per student in Grades 1-8:$250


The following is the tuition schedule for the 2018/2019 school year:

Preschool - 3 year old$1,150.00 Ten payments of $115.00
Preschool - 4 year old$1,600.00 Ten payments of $160.00
Child in Kindergarten - AM only$1,975.00Ten payments of $197.50
Families with One child K-8$3,950.00Ten payments of $395.00
Families with Two children K-8$5,950.00Ten payments of $595.00
Families with Three children (or more) K-8$7,350.00Ten payments of $735.00
Non-Catholic/Non-parishioner$6,300.00 with a second child being an additional $2,000.Ten payments of $630.00

Other fees:

Milk fee: $29.00 per serving Milk may be purchased at noon for all pupils and at recess for students in kindergarten through third grade.
Preschool juice fee 2 day: $17.00
Preschool juice fee 3 day: $24.00
Fundraising Fee: $400.00 Click here for more details.
It is suggested that parishioner families support the church at a minimum rate of $12 per week.

Immaculate Conception Parish regards Catholic Education as one of its highest priorities, and both subsidizes it generally and provides for scholarships, so that every parish family has access to affordable Catholic elementary education. The school warmly welcomes families from outside the parish and tuition rates for these families are set accordingly. Catholic families seeking parishioner tuition rates are expected to register in the parish office, attend Sunday Mass, participate in parish life and activities, and make an annual commitment towards the financial support of the parish. When families fail to live up to their Catholic responsibilities, they place themselves in a position of losing the privilege of the Parishioner Tuition Rate.

Although the space in our Catholic School is limited, priority in initial enrollment is given to Catholic families. No child is deprived of a Catholic education because of a family’s inability to pay. A financially needy family that values the Catholic faith, attends Sunday Mass, and actively supports the parish in other ways should apply for tuition assistance. Money is available thanks to the Jim Feeney Memorial Scholarship, the Tom Gabel Goodwill Grant, the Catholic Education Foundation, and other sources. Please contact Father Ed Howe or Mr. Kim DesLauriers to discuss tuition assistance if there is such a need.

Tuition or fees for families enrolling in the school during the school year or transferring from the school during the school year will be based on a prorated daily rate. Families withdrawing from the school that have overpaid will be given a refund for the amount of the overpayment.

Updated July 16, 2018