Immaculate Conception School is the Good News in Catholic education in Morris and wherever its current and former students travel.  I.C.S. is a special faith community.

Going to I.C.S. has defined who I am, and who I aspire to be.  It has taught me humility and kindness.
Ali Van Pelt
Class of 2007

I.C.S. taught me about the Good News of Jesus and that I should spread it.
Kaylee Hare
Class of 2007

I.C.S. taught me the values of being a better person and to respect others.
Mike Henry
Class of 2004

I.C.S. helped make high school the easiest four years of my education because the I.C.S. teaching faculty is very good.
Kyle Balzer
Class of 2004

I actually know something about math and English, unlike many of my peers in high school, so I was prepared.
Sam Burich
Class of 2004

I learned how to manage my time concerning school work.
Kaitlin McArdle
Class of 2004

I.C.S. prepared me extremely well for high school. I felt like I was a step ahead of the other kids.
Angie McVey
Class of 2004

I.C.S. did a wonderful job preparing me for high school. I felt so ahead of the other students in math and English especially. I thank all the staff of I.C.S. because without them, I probably wouldn’t be the student and person I am today.
Lauren Mettille
Class of 2004

My years at I.C.S. were ten of the best years of my life. I grew so much spiritually and academically. I had some of the best teachers and made lifelong friends. I.C.S. really prepared me for the future.
Elyssa Paulson
Class of 2004

I.C.S. prepared us very well in English and gave us hard assignments that would prepare us for high school and helped us become better people.
Sarah Niewinski
Class of 2004

I found that I was fully prepared for high school and it made the classes easier. I found that I excelled in English thanks to Mrs. Vlk.
Caitlin Redmond
Class of 2004

I.C.S. is a great school to learn skills for school and life.
Michael Werden
Class of 2004

I was very prepared for high school. My Freshman year was a breeze, and I found that diagramming helped me more than I could have imagined. I got a perfect score on the English section of the ACT all three times I took it.
Ariel Wilhelmsen
Class of 2004

I.C.S. prepared me well for high school especially in the English department.
Donovan Monahan
Class of 2002

I.C.S. was more like home to me. The classes were so small, and we were all very close. It was always fun and welcoming to me.
Karleen Kingman
Class of 2001

I.C.S. to me meant a lot because it challenged me academically and benefitted me in high school.
Erica Resler
Class of 2002

I.C.S. taught me values of life. It also taught me the three most important parts of life: Faith, Family, and Friends.
Ben Olson
Class of 2004

I.C.S. was a wonderful place with a great atmosphere where I gained many friendships I still have today. After ten years at I.C.S. I learned many important life lessons that I appreciate having today.
Molly Hussey
Class of 2003

I.C.S. was one of the greatest parts of my life. The ten years I spent at I.C.S. introduced me to my greatest friends and taught me many life long lessons. I wouldn’t trade my years at I.C.S. for anything.
Janell McNulty
Class of 2003

The I.C.S. community was a great influence, and eight years of Catholic grade school helped me to grow greatly, both academically and spiritually.
Blake Davy
Class of 2004

Children’s Mass at I.C.S. is my favorite part of the week.  Hearing the voices of the children say the Lord’s Prayer and sing like angels is something that is priceless.  Children at I.C.S. are not only prepared for academics when they graduate, they have the confidence to lead.
Rhonda Johnson
Fifth grade teacher

The best thing about teaching at I.C.S. is the opportunity to build community.  We are a family who share joys and sadness, anxieties and prayers.  We live the Good News daily.
Mrs. Loreen Vlk
Former student, parent and teacher

I am fortunate to be able to spend my days helping children develop a love for learning encompassed in God’s word and our Catholic faith.  I am thankful that I have a job that ‘makes my heart smile’ and keeps me connected to my faith!
Cindy Belt
Former student, parent and current fourth grade teacher

I love that we can pray for whomever or whatever whenever we want.  The support of everyone for everyone is wonderful.
Mrs. Janine Petric
Eighth grade teacher

The children and the people I work with bring joy to my life … our school is one big family spreading the Good News of Christ.”
Mrs. Janelle Aldrich
Former parent and current sixth grade teacher