The ICS Parents’ Handbook contains the guidelines that students and their families are asked to follow during the school year. We’ve tried not to make an extremely detailed list of rules that are difficult to keep. By the same token, we have attempted to create reasonable guidelines that will facilitate student learning. Immaculate Conception School adopts wholly the Handbook of School Policies of the Diocese of Joliet as the school’s own policies.

Your support in keeping these guidelines is extremely important. You must help us by doing your part and by encouraging the students from your family to do their part.

The faculty and staff at I.C.S. remain committed to being a “servant” school that attempts to meet the needs of those it touches. We pray that God will bless all those associated with I.C.S. during the school year.

Thank you for your prayers and cooperation.

School Board Members
Mr. Chris Danek
Mrs. Sarah Biros
Mr. Jeff Rzasa
Mr. Robert Martin
Mrs. Anne Bzdill
Mrs. Janine Petric
Mr. Mike Wicckkiser
Mrs. Molly Lutz – Teacher Representative
Ex Officio Members:
Mrs. Stacey Swanson
Reverend Jason Stone

The board meets during the Parish All Commissions Meeting on the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m.