10/7 DOJ PD Day - NO SCHOOL for students
10/7 DOJ PD Day - NO SCHOOL for students
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ICS Preschool

Mrs. Munsell & Mrs. Thiel  


The ICS Preschool children focus on creative learning through play and group activities. Lessons are created with young children’s social and emotional growth in mind. We foster self-confidence, self-expression and independence. Students in the program will prepare for kindergarten. We believe in the dignity of each child and that he or she has been given unique and special gifts and talents by God. 

If you would like a tour or more information please gives us a call at 815.942.4111 or send an email to sswanson@ics1.org

Our Story

 Preschool began at ICS in 1992 with our four year old program. Mrs. Kristine Kitchell (8th year) and Mrs. Katie Munsell are at the helm of the program. 

During the summer of 2009, the Preschool room was remodeled and enlarged to over twice its original size. It is a wonderful, welcoming, learning environment filled with many centers that interest preschool age children.  The Preschool room is air conditioned and has its own washroom as well as an extra sink. Preschool students also have access to many areas throughout the school complex such as the gym and library. 




What We Offer



Children Learn through stories, activities, Scripture, prayer, and discussion about the Catholic Faith.

Children learn that they are loved by God. As Catholics, they are called to love one another. As a Family, that means that we gather as a Catholic Faith Community on weekends to give praise and worship to God by Attending Mass.

Social-Emotional Development

Children learn to feel comfortable in the school environment and with peers. The focus is:

  • Encourage social and emotional growth
  • foster independence and self confidence
  • guide the development of appropriate social behavior
  • encourage cooperation within a group
  • recognize feelings and manage them appropriately

Cognitive Development

Children become confident learners. The focus is:

  • Develop an awareness of the wonder of learning and the wonders of God’s creation
  • Nurture creativity and self-expression
  • Develop the potential for understanding and thinking critically
  • Provide opportunities to learn through discovery and exploration
  • Provide experiences which develop a child’s attention span


Language/Early Literacy

Children grow in their capacity to read, write, and communicate effectively. The focus is:

  • Express themselves using increasingly complex language
  • Ask and answer questions appropriately
  • Develop phonological awareness
  • Demonstrate understanding of print concepts
  • Demonstrate developmentally appropriate emergent reading/writing skills
  • Enjoy and appreciate literature and informational text


Children learn quantitative reasoning and problem solving skills through the use of hands-on experiences and technology. The focus is:

  • Compare and contrast items by characteristics
  • Follow directions in sequence
  • Recognize and extend patterns
  • Show an awareness of time and sequence
  • Explore number concepts and solve simple problems 


Children learn through a science program that is discovery based, providing hands-on activities that stem from the child’s natural curiosity.

Social Studies

Children develop a sense of citizenship and social responsibilities as Catholics in their communities and the world.

Art & Music

Children learn through authentic art and music experiences, allowing for creativity and freedom of expression

What People Are Saying

ICS introduced our family to the benefits of a Catholic education. Even though we moved to another city, all 8 children are now in Diocesan schools. The people we got to know at ICS are still our beloved friends all of these years later. We will always be grateful to I.C.S.!”

Karen Dvorak

Catholic School Teacher

I highly recommend ICS…my kids truly thrived there! I’m happy to answer questions about our experience transferring from public school to I.C.S. It was the best social and academic choice we made for the two of them!”

Tracy Durdel Lawyer

Parent of two ICS graduates