10/7 DOJ PD Day - NO SCHOOL for students
10/7 DOJ PD Day - NO SCHOOL for students
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How it Works:

8 Weekly drawings run from Friday, October 26 December 14 with one $500 winner and four $125 winners each week. One $1000 Grand Prize drawing on Friday, December 21. Winning tickets will be placed back into the mix for each of the future drawings.

How to sell your Fri’Yay’ Grand ticket:

● Each family will receive 20 raffle tickets to sell. Please return any unsold tickets to the school office.

● Each ticket is available for a $20 donation. Additional tickets may be requested by contacting the ICS office or Mary Gile mgile@ics1.org

● Purchasers should clearly enter the information on each Fri’Yay” Grand ticket. Make sure to complete the section SOLD BY with your family’s name. Fold the ticket at the perforation line and gently tear off. Provide purchaser with the informational portion and retain the stub to turn in.

● School families are encouraged to return the cash or check along with the completed ticket stub to the school office by Friday, October 12.

Where does the money go?

● A total of $9,000 will be paid out to the winners. The remaining money will go toward supporting Catholic education at Immaculate Conception School.

Why should you purchase/sell tickets?

● You are supporting Catholic Education at ICS

● You could win more than $1,000 by buying a $20 ticket

● Families will receive $10 off their fundraising goal from each ticket sold

● Families who sell 20 or more raffle tickets will receive a free sports pass to the 2018/2019 ICS home sporting events.

Updated November 30, 2018

 Week 7 Winners
$500–Jerrod Fritchtnitch
$125-Juanita Arteagon
$125-Nancy Norton
$125-Lib Thorson
$125-Faron Connor

 Week 6 Winners
$500–Tracy Lawyer
$125-Judy Stickels
$125-Tom Johnson
$125-Luke Collins
$125-Pat and Joel Parrish

 Week 5 Winners
$500–Sam Farber
$125-Shannon Durkin
$125-Roseanne Tibbott
$125-Jeremy Nelson
$125-Mark and Joan Foster

 Week 4 Winners
$500–David Kelly
$125-Linda Herron
$125-Rick Kramer
$125-Mike Minnis
$125-Alan Ferrari

Week 3 Winners
$500–Katherine Dodds
$125-Donna Stolarek
$125-Cindy Murphy
$125-Travis Plummer
$125-Angela Smego

Week 2 Winners

$500-Ramiro Garcia
$125-Michael Lawson
$125-Jeff Borgstrom
$125-Barb Masticola
$125-Kyle Klode

Week 1 Winners

$500-Tracy Paulson
$125-Pat Dede
$125-Rick Johnson
$125-Heidi Hauser
$125-Jack Dickens